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19 August 2007 @ 23:55

At first let me tell you a bit about myself. My Name is Annika, I'm 21 and I live in Germany.

My passion is Asian Music and most stuff you'll read here will be very fangirlish and loony.

From time to time I'll share some media from my HDD like Scans (but only pictures I scan myself!), pv's, tv-shows and so on.

My Journal is also a personal journal, so you are constrained to read about my feelings, thoughts and things like that. I'll don't mince matters about the things I interested in, in postive or negative sense.

If someone is very sensitive in things about his favorite Star/s and the appropriate fandom, please don't add me.

The prevalent language here is German, but I try to write in english as often as I can.

For those who want to add me, feel free to do it. Just leave a comment so I can add you too!

Thanks & Love
gackto_lover: Gazettegackto_lover on 20. August 2007 10:34 (UTC)
Because you know my english, I write a short comment.^^
I think you have me already added, but I will leave a comment.
You want (<-?) a reason why you should add me. (A.d.A. ich sterbe gerade an schlechter Englischgrammatik XD) *dead* *rebirth*
Which I would like to say: Daisuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's my reason. *smile*
gakuto_lovergakuto_lover on 20. August 2007 15:53 (UTC)
Yes I have already add you XD
Und keine Sorge, du darfst auch weiterhin in Deutsch schreiben XD
haebin: Misc 9haebin on 20. August 2007 11:48 (UTC)
Would you add me please? :>
(Das schlimme ist, dass ich nie wirklich Gründe vorzuweisen weiß ... ich hab dich halt lieb. Zählt das auch? :P)
gakuto_lovergakuto_lover on 20. August 2007 15:53 (UTC)
Du bist doch schon längst geaddet astöööööö^^ Klar zählt das auch XD
Kyko: Lovekyko_camui on 20. August 2007 18:21 (UTC)
what? you need a reason to add ME???
wie gut dass ich schon dein freund bin.... trotzdem liefer ich dir gründe.
1. Ich hab dich lieb.
2. Du hast mich lieb.
3. wir haben schon mal im selben bett geschlafen!!!
4. .................... *nix mehr weiß*lach*
gakuto_lovergakuto_lover on 20. August 2007 18:48 (UTC)
1. Ja du hast mich lieb
2. Ja, ich hab dich auch lieb
Xd nein, schon okay...na ja, ihr seid ja schon anfang an geaddet gewesen^^